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Panther Pillows Are Done!


Love the imagery of this fabric.

You might remember a few weeks ago me blogging about the super cool barkcloth we purchased from Antique Trove in Roseville, California. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I needed to get pillows made out of them. That is where Debbie over at “The Creative Needle” came in. I used her services before when I needed seat cushions made for some Burke chairs I restored. She does really great work and is fast and reasonable. If you live in the Sacramento valley she is the one to see. Here is how they turned out:


Debbie did a great job on these. She even centered the panther on all the pillows and added zippers, supper cool!

She also made a few pillows out of some fabric I had left over from a lamp shade that was made for one of our Moss lamps.


These just make this chair look that much more cooler.


A closer look.

When Mel and I purchased the panther fabric we also picked up some cool tropical barkcloth pillows that were without zippers so I dropped those off to Debbie so she could add zippers. Zippers are great because it allows you to wash the covers when they become soiled. It also allows you to replace the pillow inside when it is broken down. Here are a few of the pillows that were freshened up.


These will look great in our Tiki room!

Thank god for people like Debbie who do such a fantastic job. I highly recommend you contact her if you have any sewing needs.

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  1. Love that chair and ottoman! Those cushions look great with them! I too, am fortunate to have an excellent upholstery person who is reasonable. They are indispensable for pieces that are over my experience level.



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