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A Few New Old Things!

Mel and I came across this on Ebay and loved it. Of course it is chalkware which I can’t seem to get enough of. This lamp is a trip with the double shades and the styling. I had to relace the shades because they were coming off the frames. I need to do that to our guitar lamps well, when I do I will show you how to do it. Unfortunately there is no makers mark so I don’t know who to give credit to for this fine piece.

Since I have been away for a while I haven’t had a chance to update a few of the new items we have acquired.

Here she is all lit up!

I have been in a James Bunnell buying phase. He was a California artist specializing in printmaking. I love his silk screen/serigraph art and can’t get enough of it. His works have such great detail and the imagery is always really impressive.

LOVE the PINK palms in the background! Yep I am a MAN and I LOVE PINK!…….oh, and Aqua too!

Here is another Bunnell. It appears to be a mountain lion with its cub. What is cool is that on the edges of this piece you can see how they layered the colors to get the final piece.

Another Bunnell with a Jaguar drinking from a downed tree. This one isn’t signed but I am 99% sure its a Bunnell. I want to place these in Carlo frames but I can’t seem to find any that are the right size.

Mel and I were also able to acquire a few more Carlo of Hollywood paintings. We must have over 70 of his watercolors at this point. I know we need to update our gallery section of the site.

We already had one similar to this piece but this one is in far better shape. The one we already had was damaged in shipping and the glass cut a little into the art. Thankfully, this one arrived with no issues. This is a large Carlo and will look great in our Tiki room.

This is one of two. Off to the Tiki room!

Here is it’s mate!

The colors on these are vibrant. I had to verify it wasn’t just a print but an original piece.

These must of been hung in a closet to still be this vibrant!

This amazing shadowbox was courtesy of Jillian who allowed us to adopt it. This is soo atomic! The best thing is I don’t even have to restore it! Yay for me!

We found this piece on Ebay. It is rather large and beautiful. It was signed “Sue”, I am not familiar with this artist but I am a fan of her work.

These are new as well. Well, when I say new i mean newly acquired. They are striated plywood wall planters. I think they have really cool styling.

These are a couple of small chalkware wall plaques that I recently restored. They were not in the best of shape when we received them,  but I think they look great now.

As you can see we have been busy. We are excited to get everything up so we can enjoy it!

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  1. Good lord man, where the heck are you putting all this stuff?! I know your place is big with lots of wall space but geeez, you must be building new walls for all this! The Bunnel’s are gorgeous – so you!


  2. I have the opposite facing Tiger with Green Leaves on dark background. it is set up like the mountain lion pic, with the notations. and hand painted & framed. If you are interested, it’s for sale. Thanks, Dianne~


  3. Thanks for reaching out to us on the tiger. We look forward to receiving it!



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