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Carlo of Hollywood: Good Carlo Bad Carlo


There are many rumors about Carlo of Hollywood. One is that Carlo sketched all the art pieces and his students painted them. As with anything, everyone has different abilities and it shows in the final works. Mel and I acquired a really cool tropical set with a beautiful woman and a painting of a man that isn’t all that great looking. This is a testament that if the above rumor is true, then this is a great example of the vast difference in abilities between one artist to another.


I love all Carlos but this one makes it tough. This must of been a new student or maybe someone who was hungover from a rockin’ weekend. This is more than likely the ugliest Carlo I have ever seen but we still love it cuz it’s rare! Let me know if you have one that is uglier. Oh, in the upper left hand corner and in the trees..that’s not water damage…that’s the artist expressing him/herself.


Mel and I have almost 80 Carlo’s and I can say that this is the best executed Carlo I have ever seen (not because she is naked). If you look at the techniques between both pieces you can tell that one artist has superior abilities. There is no way they are the same artist.

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  1. I’ve missed you Hepcat! Timing is a funny thing, I was just telling a friend on Saturday to check out your blog.
    Your gal Carlo sure is a beauty. Did you find her or did she find you?



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