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Hanging With Carter


Here it is before we got it framed fresh from Craigslist!

Our friend Tim and his staff at Wholesale Art and Framing did a fantastic job framing this HUGE piece. My step-father Dave built the wall holders that the art sits in and they work great. He did a really nice job and used some really nice walnut wood. Tim had this piece for a while because he had to custom order the plexiglass and it broke once upon delivery. We had to hire a delivery company to get it home. This is HEAVY and HUGE. It fills the space on the wall great.


As you can see this thing is a monster!


Shazam! This thing is a room maker. We are soo happy with the way it turned out (excuse the reflections).


I have to really hand it to Tim and staff, they did a great job!


I hope you all like it too!

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  1. Wow that is huge. Great subject matter, though. I read that book you recommended about Carter and really enjoyed it. If I ever found that poster I’d probably clear out half my house to put it up too!

    Great to have you back!!!



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