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1958 Philco Predicta Pedestal Quick Resto


As usual I was cruising Craigslist looking for new treasures (which is getting harder to find anymore) when I came across this Predicta so I shot down to Fresno CA to pick it up. Mel and I already have a Philco Predicta Siesta that is such a cool piece to display, and it works too! This new acquisition will go in our bedroom once restored. Amazingly this new Predicta Pedestal works but the cabinet needed some freshening up.


As you can see the finish is flaking off and needs to be sanded off and repainted.


Here it is with almost all the sanding done. As you can see the “PHILCO” decal will be lost as soon as I sand off all the finish. I was able to find a new water slide decal that I will apply once it arrives.I shot over to Lowes and picked up some semi gloss paint that seemed to match the original finish.


Shazam! Here it is all cleaned up. I need to pick up a DVD player to hook up to it. This thing is Iconic.

This style Philco was also referred to as the “gas pump”, “barber-pole” and “the cyclops”. This Predicta was designed by Severin Jonassen and Italian-American designer, Catherine Winkler, one of a few women who worked in Philco’s design department during the 1950’s. This will be another great item in our collection.


I do need to find a couple of original knobs for the front and a new rear foot but antiques are always a work in progress.



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  1. That turned out super nice! It is truly amazing when these pieces actually work after all those years. I recently acquired an early 60’s Telefunken console stereo that’s to die for. Stereo works great and it’s in the shop having the turntable brought back up to speed. Can’t wait to get it back!


    • Thanks, it is rare when these old units can power on. I really love Telefunken units. Once you play some Dino on there you will be amazed at the sound and the depth of the tones! Good score. Also, I love to hear that people are willing to pay to bring something back to life especially when it is so easy and cheap to buy a new one. That is what makes us collectors different, we see these items real worth. It is an investment because these units are not getting easier to find. The value is driven by the old rule of supply and demand. Bravo!


  2. Awesome! Glad you are back. Brett



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