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1961 Phil Brinkman Prints (Double Signature)


Excuse the reflection, That darn glass makes it difficult to get a clean picture.

Mel and I came across these prints a few Second Sundays ago. I was soo excited to find them. At first I thought they were originals so I was about to jump out of my skin. Mel pointed out the copyright symbol on the art and that is how we knew they were prints. I still wanted them and we were able to pick them up for $25 for the pair.


Once we got home we were able to look at them more closely and we noticed a pencil signature on each of them. I had never seen prints with an additional signature on them, but after some research I found info on “double signed” prints. It is basically where the original artist signs a print, thus leaving two signatures on the print. Next to an original it is about the best you can do. You might remember I blogged about “The Great Phil Brinkman” awhile back.


He produced a lot of work in the Bahamas


These will look great in our Tiki Room! I have a couple of spare Carlo frames lying around that I might try to put them in.


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  1. You two are quite a team I tell ya! GREAT find – and GREAT price! Congrats!


  2. I have an original watercolor painting signed by Phil Brinkman dated 1967 – subject is Seminole Indians in the Everglades. Looking for an estimated value.


    • Hello, Thanks soo much for asking me for a value of his art. Unfortunately, I am not an authority on his work. I recommend you check with a local antique store to see if they have an art appraiser. I hope this helps.


  3. I have a Phil Brinkman Mural. It is rather risqué with nudes in a scene I call “Roman Bath”. It is roughly 4 feet by 8 feet. I am looking for some history on it?



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