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Ultra Cool Table & Chairs


Mel and I came across this set when antiquing up in Chico. We thought we could use it in place of our diner booth but after a long debate we have decided to sell it and keep the booth. It is soo depressing when you find something you love but then have to turn around and unload it because you have no space for it…..sigh.


Who ever gets this set will be soo lucky. The Formica on it is in fantastic condition and if someone decides to re-upholster the cushions it will POP!


Couldn’t you see Dean Martin and the pack eating breakfast around this table rehashing the events from the night before?! Man this thing just oozes cool. We have it for sale in Sacramento on Craigslist, sorry not willing to ship. I hope one of our local readers scores this set.

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  1. What a great set! I thought it may have been manufactured by Lloyds Companay which was a Heywood-Wakefield subsidiary but couldn’t find the set in the catalouge. Do you know the maker?


  2. Crumb, this post didn’t show up on my FB page. Did you sell it yet?


  3. Dang! I didn’t get notice on my FB about this so it took a while for me to see it. Has it sold yet? It’s a BEAUTY, and if I could sell my pink & black 50’s dining set I’d buy this one in a heart beat! It would go SO great in my kitchen. *Sigh*.



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