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Old MacDonald’s Farm Sign UPDATE!


I was recently contacted by Jo Ann who is with the City of Rancho Cordova Historical Society. She is in the process of trying to save the Old MacDonald’s sign. Her friend told her about our blog and she saw that we have the same passion. She reached out to me to see if I was still interested and willing to restore and donate one side of the sign to the Rancho Cordova Historical Society Museum, and of course I said yes! She is presenting at the Cordova Recreation & Park District Board of Directors meeting, a request that the sign be restored instead of just sold to a private party. I am asking if you are in the area and want to support the preservation of a land mark, to stop in and lend your support by being present. Others from the Rancho Cordova Historical Society will be present to support in this effort. If you would like to attend, here are the details:

Date & Time: April 17, 2013 @ 6:30pm

Cordova Recreation and Park District
2197 Chase Drive,
Rancho Cordova, CA95670


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  1. THAT is great news! I know you will do the sign justice ~

    Thrift Shop Commando


  2. Unfortunately I didn’t see this till now, but I have always loved that sign and I’m glad to see it’s going to get some love and attention.


  3. I have liked that sign for a long time. Good luck getting it!!!


  4. Janice & Dave

    Just drove past the old sign and it sure looking bad and sad. Anything happening to get it restored? I read all the old emails. So I thought I would check and see whats going on with the sign. I came across this website. Thanks for trying to do something to obtain the historical sign. Appreciate the attempt to get it restored. I hope something good happens to it.


    • You know, I don’t know whats going on with it. At the meeting we attended it was kind of off putting that they didn’t All think what we were offering was a great deal… restoration, I supply materials, I donate my time and effort. The bad thing as you mentioned is the sign is looking sad. If they wait too long there will be no paint to reference the original image. The wheels turn slowly I guess.


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