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Tiki Bar Update


Today, I performed a quick resto on these pieces. I used my old faithful “Awesome” cleaner that really removes staining, dirt & grease. I just spray it on, let it sit for a few seconds and wipe it off. It is breathtaking in its effectiveness.


Plenty of room for alcohol!

After I cleaned the stools and the bar, I used Clear Gloss spray polyurethane to reseal and refresh these pieces. After the many years of use, these pieces were dull and the polyurethane brought them back to life.


First thing tomorrow, I will be over at Bill’s at B&T Upholstery to get these in the works. You can see the upholstery in the background, this will match our other rattan.

Now off to Ebay to purchase some cool tropical postcards for the top of the bar!

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  1. Do you use the cleaner directly on the wood? I just purchased a 1959 Philco Hi-Fi that is covered in nicotine grease, but the wood is beautiful. I’m looking for something to clean it that won’t harm the finish.


    • I do, but if you are at all concerned on how it will react to the surface you are cleaning you can dilute with water or test in an area that is hidden. This stuff is powerful so make sure to keep an eye on it. I also recommend you spray it on a rag then wipe it on. I hope this helps!



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