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Carlo Of Hollywood Shipping 101


This is the large desert scene done by Carlo that arrived today! It needs new glass and the frame needs to be stiffened up.

This arrived via FedEx today and unfortunately the glass broke and inflicted a couple of cuts in the art. It still is a breathtaking example of Carlo’s skill. I got to thinking that I would post info on how best to ship a Carlo.

We get Carlo’s shipped to us all the time. Big or small the biggest issue when shipping these is the glass. If the glass breaks in transport it has a tendency to cut the artwork, thus making it a damaged Carlo. Here are some suggestions for those out there who might need to ship a Carlo:

  • Remove & discard glass (this may also help with cost of shipping because of less weight, unless the piece has a higher dimensional weight).
  • Save the backing paper if it has Carlo info on back. Once the art is re-framed you can cut out the Carlo info off the backing sheet & glue it on the back of the re-framed Carlo.
  • Wrap artwork to protect during shipping.
  • Wrap sharp pointy tips of frame to help prevent the frame from taking damage or separating.
  • Greyhound Bus Lines is really cheap to ship items through, they are very reasonable. We have had great success using them.
  • Make sure to take pictures of box when it arrives to show condition of box upon arrival. This info will be used if you have to make a claim.

These suggestions will help you get your prized piece home without damage. Most framing stores can get you new glass cut to fit your frame. I recommend that you replace the glass with preservation glass to prevent anymore fading of the artwork, it’s not that much more expensive


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  1. Hi: Thought you would like to see my beautiful Carlo watercolors my mom bought in NYC in the late 40’s, early 50’s. Mary


  2. I hope the pics came thru. Otherwise, I do not know how else to send them. Mary



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