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Tiki Room Is Done………For Now


These cushions look great after being reupholstered by Bill at B&T Upholstery.

After a lot of work and searching for the right items the Tiki room is done. The last thing needing to be done to complete the bar was to reassemble the she stools.


These really glow now! It is amazing what some new polyurethane can do.

Once the stools were done we shot over to pick up some cool bamboo shelves that will hold the collection of tiki mugs we plan to collect.


These frame our Coaxial television perfectly.

With this new bar and shelves the room looks a lot more put together. It takes time to get things right but in the end it pays off when you see what all your hard work and searching is able to achieve. Here are some pictures of our room. The pictures tell you more then I can write. I hope you approve!






After all was done I collapsed on the 6 band and watched a true classic The Maltese Falcon. If you have never watched a classic movie on a classic television you haven’t lived. Its like being in a time warp!

Mel and I just purchased about 10 more Carlos that we will be featuring them soon and a few of them will make it into the Tiki Room. We are soo excited to get them.

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  1. OMG…I want to live in this room. I know as soon as I would enter here, I would feel…..happy!!!


  2. Wow, just wow! It seriously looks like a museum and every mid-century modernist’s DREAM room. LOVE! Great job collecting, refurbishing, and arranging.


  3. Just…..Holey Moley and WOWZA! Another incredible job! And where the heck did you find that GORGEOUS room divider?! I can’t even imagine where any new Carlo’s are going to fit in that room. Congrats on another stunning job.


  4. Hey, Dude, you’ve got my oddly-shaped coffee table (kidney gone wrong?). Does yours have a massively heavy glass top protecting the mahogany inlay on it, too?


  5. Miss Molly Doll

    this room makes me want to cry, from awesomeness overload!


  6. That’s so amazing…ALL of it! I’m amazed by the room, the furnishings, the pillows and curtains (love the egrets) and the tv with the Maltese Falcon on it!! I’m so happy for you (and just a smidge jealous, too! ;))


  7. I have a 1957 GE console tv very similar to your circa 1959 model and I used to love to watch shows like I love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke on it


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  11. You’ve truly created a sublime space! Just gorgeous!

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