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Carlopalooza! (Major Carlo of Hollywood Score)


We have not found a large stash like this for a long time! I couldn’t stop smiling for like 8 hours!

Mel and I went to Midway Antique Mall a week ago to initially stock our new booth and when we came through the doors we noticed a set of Carlo of Hollywood paintings that were new to the store. Mel and I were soo excited when we saw this set that we scanned the rest of the store and we found eight more Carlo’s that we did not have in our collection! We told Mark and Ann, the owners of Midway, that we wanted them. We picked them up today. Happy Day!!!


It is hard to find a complete trio. This is our sixth set of trios!

This trio is very cool. The colors are still so vibrant and the imagery is timeless as usual. I love the Polynesian guy in the canoe! It always amazes me how Carlo did so much with his art when it is so simple. These will look great in the……….TIKI ROOM!


I just love her outfit! The pink edges of the art make it pop!


Not sure where these will go. They might look good in the Tiki room as well.



Of course these will be in our Tiki room.


I have wanted this set for a long time.


What amazes me about all these Carlo’s is how vibrant the colors still are.


Panthers are always cool! This one needs a little touch up on the black but it looks really cool as it is.This one does not have the forced perspective frame that all the others have.

Mel and I were just saying the other day that there has been a drought when it comes to new Carlo’s to buy. I guess this was like a torrential down pour of good luck! The good thing is that we might have a line on six more Carlo’s. Now the hard work begins, where can we fit 10 more into our 80+ Carlo collection. We are almost at a 100 Carlo’s!

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  1. We saw those at Midway and thought you probably knew about them or I would have let you know! Glad you found them before anyone else!


  2. I think I created a monster…!


  3. For sure Frank! But I tell ya, he looked like a kid at Christmas making one trip after another out to his car with those things! I think I could actually see his pulse racing ;- )


  4. Miss Molly Doll

    Woah!! Amazing scores. I am dying a little bit inside knowing that I wont EVER find a Carlo here in Australia. I can live through you guys though….


  5. Wow, love your Carlo’s!There’s a Carlo of Hollywood matador oil painting for sale right now in my area,out of my price range though:(


  6. I’ve got a couple of Erich polynesian prints. Like you, I haven’t been able to find anything about the artist. Alas, we have now found each other. We had them in a former MCM home and I have just hung them in our current, very southwestern, pueblo revival home. There’s always time for tiki.


  7. I hate to say this but I feel the urge. There are other people in the world that would like the opportunity to own a few Carlos…. But you keep buying them all up. Share


  8. I own an inherited Carlo of a desert scene with a covered wagon pulled by six horses running past a mountain scene.


  9. I’m very interested in buying any Carlo you may have for sale. 949-728-8858
    Thank you!


  10. Hello… how do you know if what you have is an original by this Carlo of Hollywood? I’ve been curious about a painting I purchased a couple of years ago. Finally taking the time to investigate. Signature matches. Frame is very similar. Desert scene…. any help would be appreciated…



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