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Forgotten Bunnell


Mel an I bought these about 4-5 years ago and I always planned to do something with them. Back when we purchased them we did not know Carlo, Gill or Bunnell. But today after digging through the garage and fighting many spiders I pulled them out of moth balls. I was just sitting there thinking what I should do with them and noticed a signature…….Bunnell! I was soo excited to see that signature. It was like when you wash your clothes and stick your hand in your pocket and find a wad of cash.  Oh happy day!


Look at all that dust! If I would have known they were Bunnell I would have treated them better.

These are in sad shape from years of sitting and getting knocked around, but that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix!


I think these breakfast images are cool.

I am guessing that “hand printed in oils” means that they were silk screened in oils by the artist Bunnell or maybe a silkscreener????


These would be killer in a 50’s kitchen with a built-in diner booth. Maybe one day we will have one of those to display these.

After some cleaning and scrubbing and a little spray paint these cleaned up nicely. I had to JB weld the metal part that separated from the frame. I am not sure where I will hang these yet but we do want to keep them in our collection. I love Bunnell and I am always on the hunt for pieces by him. The main artists we focus on collecting are Carlo, Gill, Bunnell, Erich & Shirrell Graves. Everyone has their favorites and those are ours.


These look soo cool in those frames. I am so glad they turned out ok.


Love em!

I have never seen these Bunnells before. Here are links to our other Bunnell’s (Ship Wreck, Tiger 1, Tiger 2 and Tiger 3. Tiger 3 looks like they failed to complete the silk screening process).


We also have these really cool desert Bunnells. These were our first two purchased.


Desert scenes are so rare from that time period


These are high up on the wall next to our Carlo desert trio….excuse the cob webs.

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  1. As always, a joy to see and love! Thank you!


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  3. Are the desert Bunnells for sale?


  4. Hello, just picked up a beach/driftwood/shipwreck scene that looks very similar to your desert scenes. Has a Bunnell signature in the lower right corner in a similar style of yours and is in a frame (no glass). Just curious if you know anything about the history of it or if you would be interested in purchasing this item. Let me know! Size-wise-it looks similar dimensions to your desert scenes.


  5. Have you found anything else on Erich?



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