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1951 Reglor Fish Lamp Restoration


This lamp will look fantastic once done. It even has the glass panel that sits in the holder.

Mel and I reached out to a seller on Ebay that had put this lamp on sale many times without any takers (this is a good technique to use with Ebay sellers when they have an item that isn’t selling, usually you can get the item for less). Anyways, the lamp was not in a color that worked with our color palette so we changed it up to match the other Reglor fish lamp I restored earlier.


This is the one already restored and in our bathroom.

We decided to paint it in a similar color scheme so they match the shades and look like they go together. Fish stuff from this time period always seem collectible.


This lamp was in pretty good shape but it had some chips and some paint loss……but no CRACKS!!! Yay!!!

After a good cleaning and a few hours of painting it turned out great! We are soo glad that this restoration is complete.


I also needed to replace the lamp harp and the light bulb socket.


These look great together and will serve us well for years to come.


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  1. So gorgeous I can’t stand it! AWESOME!!!


  2. Seeing these beauties reminded me of my ballerina lamp. I’m guessing you never got that email with photos of it. Let me know if you need me to resend it. I bet my lamp was designed by the same person. Her hair has the same look as the water flow does in this lamp. Just beautiful and so creative!


    • Hi Kelly-Sorry for the delay in response. I took a break from blogging because our dog Rocco died. I’m thinking your lamp was made by one of the smaller chalkware lamp companies. The larger companies like Reglor and Continental Art Company always marked their pieces.


      • Good to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Believe me, I totally understand how they are apart of your family and hard to get over. I appreciate your assessment of my ballerina lamp. She is one of my pride and joys. Merry Christmas!


  3. Mid century goodies like yours are rare here in central Arkansas, so it’s always a treat to see your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your finds!


  4. Absolutely beautiful!!


  5. Great job, you picked the perfect color for the lamps. I have not seen one with a glass panel before.


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