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Retro Framed Chalkware Figures


The figures were in really great shape and needed just a little touch up. The background was faded to gray.

Mel and I came across these at an antique store in San Jose. As I am sure you all know by now, I love chalkware. I can’t ever get enough chalkware pieces.


Both figures had wear on their nose and knees.


The figures are painted in a pearl yellow paint.

I was not aware how faded the backgrounds were until I removed the figures.


You can see the original aqua color behind the figure.

After I repainted the backgrounds the figures pop!




These will be breathtaking when finally hung on the wall.

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  1. Love everything you do. You are amazing! Thanks for the eye candy!


  2. Fabulous! Selling two C.E. Pearson original framed Thai people on ebay. One has water damage on the leg, the woman, and the matting. If they don’t sell I am going to give to my Brother in Alameda. Any advice on how to solve the copper issue? You can view them under ce pearson and I am mayakling. If you ever get a chance to look it would be great.
    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Judy. I’ve had a chance to look at the pieces on eBay. It appears her leg has corosive damage from moisture. If they were mine, I would take take them to a model store and try to match the copper finish to one of the model paints. It doesn’t look like you can salvage the metal.


  3. thatmidcenturyfella

    The new teal paint really does do wonders! May I ask, do you custom airbrush or find rattle cans of vintage colors? For my projects, I’m thankful I keep left over spray paint and model paint. Vintage teals and pink paints are getting harder to find these days unless you custom order!


  4. I have the same chalk ware pieces. However, mine have alot of chipped paint. I removed as much as I can. Is there a way I can repaint them without the chipped areas showing through? Thanks!



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