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Formed Products Co. Lighted Shadowbox Pictures

IMG_2168I have always thought these were really cool.  I am a sucker for items that have multiple purposes such as these, they are art and a way to light an area in your home.  I tried to find info on “Formed Products Co.”, and unfortunately was unable to find anything out about them.  I assume these are from the late 50’s or early 60’s.   These are referred to as “reverse painted” scenes on the glass.  When you look at the art, it is very similar to paint by number.


I plan to re-paint both these frames.  The Asian frame will be black with a gold trim, and the flower frame will be pink with a gold trim.

Here are the first two to start our future collection.  Though I don’t like all of them, there are many that have awesome imagery.  I plan to hang all of our future collection on one wall or down a hallway and have them wired to one switch.  I think it is a cool way to brighten up a home.


Here are a couple we got off of eBay and Etsy, just waiting on them to come in the mail.


This one has lots of pink and aqua….how could it be anything but awesome?!


They made many Asian scenes.

Here are a few I am on the lookout for…


I am seriously diggin’ this one.  I hope I can locate one.  The imagery is classic.


It appears that there may be 4-5 different Asian ones.


There are also a few “Southern Belle” images.


This one isn’t that common.

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  1. I have the cowboy shadow box in working condition. If you are interested, give a ring at 864-980-6638. Lori😊


  2. I have the one with the woman on the bridge! I saw an Etsy listing and he said it was from the 60s. All I know, is I played with it ever since I can remember at my grandmother’s house. It was my nightlight when I spent the night–and I was born in 1965. Listing on Etsy: Vintage 60s Oriental – Lighted Shadow Box Reverse Paint on Glass By Formed Products Co. New York

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  3. I own southern belle. Excellent condition; working. Has been packed away for the last 30 yrs. Wondering on approximate value of this item and if you are interested in it.


  4. Hello-

    I have one that is a picture of Jesus. Wondering if you’re interested in buying it?


  5. Margaret A Lacher

    The Asian box light, pictured underneath the ballerina one, is absolutely beautiful! I have a pair of box lights, made by the same company, that used to belong to my grandmother. Each piece of glass has a magnolia flower and leaves painted on it. The magnolia is white and the leaves are green and the original metal box cover was green as well. However, several years ago I painted them ivory to match the room they were hanging in but I’m getting ready to repaint them again – this time something a little bit more quirky & fun like pink or purple or, possibly, give them a mirrored finish.


  6. I have one that has a baby deer and two little rabbits. And it must have been in the late 40’s because I was born in January of 1949 and it was a night light in my room.



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