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Now that Mel and I are starting to focus on decorating our kitchen, we are discovering a whole new world of vintage goodness.  We came across this Lustro-Ware container set on Craigslist, and loved the color scheme of pink and gray.




This set came with the Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Salt, Pepper, Recipe Box and a Bread Box.  We are still looking for the Cookie canister, Waxed Paper and Paper Towel dispenser, Spice Rack & Waste basket (let me know if anyone has the pink and gray ones for sale).


LIFE October 4, 1948


Gebhard Keny is the father of Lustro-Ware.  A Harvard graduate, Gebhard took over a Columbus, Ohio plastics molding firm in the late 1930s. The line of products he produced was originally coined Columbus Plastics Products and then later became well-known under the Lustro-Ware line.  Gebhard used a new type of technology in plastics production that allowed for a good product at a decent price for consumers.  The company formed their own in-house design staff and production soared.  They became known for blow molding items such as waste baskets and water cans (very popular on Ebay) and then produced thermoplastic canister sets which are still popular today.
LIFE magazine of October 4, 1948 focused on production in America and Columbus Plastics was included in this write up.  The one page feature displayed this great inside shot of the woman at work-LIFE commented on the plastic boom in the States & how Columbus Plastics Products was a part of this increase in plastics manufacturing.  In the year this article was published, Columbus Plastics was able to make a $2million business from a $400,000 investment.  Production continued through the 1950s and during this time plastic doilies became one of the items made by Columbus Plastics.  These doilies are also popular items on Ebay today. Starting in the 1960s, the simple look of the products started to fade and more ornate styles came into production.  In 1966, the company was bought by the Borden Company and the Lustro-Ware line, while stile being produced, slowly faded into the background.

Here are some other cool pieces they produced…

vintage_lustro_ware_spices paper_towel_holder_lustroware




lustroware.d c0063182_1101996


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  1. I love Lustro-Ware! I have the aqua canisters shown in your post. I also just picked up yellow salt and pepper shakers. The grey and pink are just amazing. Good luck in finding the pieces you need!


  2. Patricia Ferraris ONeill

    Happy New Year. I love the paper towel wax paper dispensers.


  3. I have never seen these in pink and grey – neat stuff! My grandmother had some of the yellow set, with the breadbox a fave of ours as little kids, and I still have a few of her canisters that she used for storage etc. I was thrilled to find a set of 4 red canisters for my own kitchen, and bought them for me as a reward for getting a new position at my “real” job. They sure are cheery, and they brighten up the Hacienda kitchen quite nicely. Congrats on your set!


  4. Barbara Johnson

    I found a set of the pink and grey canisters at a flea market yesterday in Owensboro, Ky. I was so excited to find information on them

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