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Mid Century Serendipity “Spaghetti/Squiggle” Cookware


Mel and I are building up our kitchenwares and have collected a set of these really cool pieces of cookware.


We love the colors. One of our readers (thanks!) let us know that this set was made by Serendipity.


The great thing about this cookware is that they are enamel.  The set we have put together is in remarkable shape.  This cookware does tend to have chips along the edge of the pots and pans from use.


This is actually more aqua than blue, darn camera!



These will add some color to our kitchen and the squiggle designs really give it a retro feel.  I will keep you up to date on other cool vintage kitchenware we come across.


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  1. I have also been looking for these and can find no info on them either. I picked up the aqua pan and lid you have shown at an antique mall for $12. It is in great shape and works great to saute and cleans up easily. They show up occasionally on Etsy and Ebay but can be pricey. Thanks for sharing your great collection!


  2. Those are really neat! I have seen lots of enamel cookware, but never anything like that.


  3. Your pieces look terrific! I’ve collected this cookware for years but have never been able to find out anything about who produced it.

    The pieces I have are:
    Pink large frying pan with black lid
    Black small frying pan with black lid
    Aqua small sauce pan with black lid & tab handles
    Yellow large sauce pan with black lid & tab handles
    Aqua Dutch oven with black lid & tab handles
    Black roaster with aqua lid
    Aqua coffee percolator with black lid

    Of these, I have at least 2 of each except for the roaster.

    I have seen a black wok-style pan with black lid but for some reason I did not buy it. I’m not sure it is from the same maker.

    I have several of the aqua small sauce pans and there is some color difference, with some being a deeper aqua blue and others being lighter. Also, some lids have a wide knob and others have a thinner, heavier knob.

    One of my percolators has a black squiggle metal lid, but the other has a black plastic lid with no squiggles.

    I’d be interested to hear if you find any info on who made these.


  4. Fairly certain these, and other spaghetti string design pots and pans, were produced by Serendipity Cookware.

    As seen here:


  5. I inherited a small set from my grandmother! They are the perfect height for stuffed peppers or stuffed mushrooms.

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  6. I bought the spegetti wok/pella set.
    I have all 4 pieces.
    How do I use it without damaging it.
    I had no idea it was such a great piece.
    I paid $20.00 for it.
    I REALLY want to use its



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