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Equiping a kitchen with vintage items


Mel and I have been building up our kitchen accessories for anticipation of our future mid-century home.  We have been searching eBay, Etsy and antique stores to find items we want in our kitchen.  Our colors in our kitchen are going to be aqua and pink when possible.  Here are some items we have recently picked up.


These kitchen utensils are made by EKCO. These are great because of their aqua and pink Bakelite handles. This company has been around since 1924 and is still in business today.


These knives are EKCO as well. We are trying to be very deliberate on what we purchase. We want all the items we buy to be from the correct era and in the style we are pursuing.


These are made by Maynard. I love this hand mixer and syrup dispenser. The quality of Maynard products is clear when you hold them.


Here we have a Tala pancake batter dispenser, Chop-O-Matic chopper and two ice cream scoops by Progressus of Italy.


Here we have a set of four Magic Hostess measuring spoons, Foley hand chopper, Robinson cheese grater, Foley hand strainer, Edlund screw top opener,  Foley can opener and a Vaughan’s Tap Boy bottle, cork and can opener.


Foley pink can opener, no maker pink egg slicer and an EKCO Eterna peeler and parer and corer.


This is a fantastic aqua accented 10 inch Sunbeam electric skillet. They also made a pink version of this skillet.


This is a pink Sunbeam can opener. I like the styling of this little unit.


This is a super atomic Presto egg cooker. I love the design on this. When I saw this in the store I knew we must have it.


This is a Handy-Hannah knife sharpener that will really sharpen the blades of our EKCO knife set.


This is a great Sessions chef wall clock. I had to paint the color back on his face and hands and now he is ready to hang.


We got this Sunbeam Automatic toaster off eBay. I tried to find a pink toaster but all the vintage ones we found were not working.  I will keep my eyes peeled for one but this one will work for now.


This Sunbeam rotisserie is in fantastic shape with box, manual and a cool glass dome carousel rotisserie.

 As we get closer to buying a home we are getting more aggressive in acquiring vintage items to compliment our kitchen. It is soo nice to expand our collecting into this area. We want to make every part of our home as mid-century as possible. We really want to immerse ourselves in the style and feeling of that time period.

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  1. Great collection! I have a few of those items! I have one of the bottle openers and the pink peeler. I deal in vintage and antique furniture myself, I live in northern California, I used to sell on Etsy but then I moved into a brick and mortar shop in town and now I’m in two shops. I work with close to 30 other vendors between both shops, one in particular specializes in vintage kitchen items I will keep my eyes open around the shops and on the look out here locally for pink and aqua mid-century kitchen items and Ill contact you if I come across anything. Kim


  2. You guys are da bomb!


  3. Hey! If you ever want to sell the ekco knives ( or come across more in your hunt) I’ll pay whatever! Great stuff you’ve found!


  4. Where did you get your pink egg slicer? I collect pink kitchenware/small appliances for my pink kitchen, especially any retro/mid-century items I can find. Someone overbid me on ebay recently, for a pink egg slicer, identical to the one you have. (Was it you? 🙂 ) I could have had it if I had just purchased it at the “buy it now” price. Now look for another–that’s why I wondered where you were able to find one. Btw, you collect is quite awesome.


  5. Hi there! I saw someone else offer to buy some of your stuff so I thought it might be worth a shot to ask as well…I would pay TOP dollar for some of the aqua Ekco utensils – specifically the short spatula and teh pie/cake server. Any interest in selling? Thanks for considering!



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