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Sexton Wall Cats Restoration


This is a quick restoration of the Sexton cats we blogged about in the previous post.  Mel and I already had the traditional cats in black:


Since we already had these cats, I wanted to do something a little different.


Here they are before restoration.  White is pretty boring.

The first step is to apply stripper to remove the layers of old paint.


I use an inexpensive brush to apply stripper.  Make sure you give it time to work.


After you have given time for the stripper to work, you use a small brush to help agitate the the bubbled up paint.

Once the cats are all stripped, you need to wash them to make sure all the old paint is gone and the surface is clean.


Now that all the cats are free of paint and any residue, it is time to paint them.

Now all the cats have a new coat of paint.  I left them in the sun to cook.


After the painting, I knew I needed to add some contrast to break it up.


I used black model paint to paint eyes and collars.


Here they are almost done. I looked at these cats and it seemed like they were missing something…


I had some gold automotive pink striping and figured I would dress up their necklace.


Here they all are all done! adding a little bling to these beauties really makes them pop!

 If you like the Sexton style, here are some examples of other items they sold…


Sexton blenko wall bottles.  Mel and I have two sets of these in our home.


Here is a fleet of sexton ships.


These would look great in a tiki room.

original il_570xN.468007784_jmu0

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  1. Are any of the cat’s for sale?


  2. What kind of paint did you use on the cats besides the black craft paint? I love that pink color. Thanks


  3. I know this is an older post and how I have never seen it before … I’m not sure. Anyway, when I saw the title of this restore I got pretty excited. Cats! They did the cats!!! But that was because I thought you were restoring them to their original faux wood grain finish. The way you painted these does look great, but have you ever attempted the faux wood grain? Because that looks next to impossible to me and I would give just about anything to know how to do it. After all, I own the cats, the bottles, the ships, the calypso dancers, and some very angular / stylized fish I have never seen before other than the ones I own. And all of them have the scratches that ALL sexton stuff their age comes with. I’m sure you know what I mean. Anyway, in order to get the faux wood I’m guessing a base layer then use a sponge or something like that over the top. Plus I just purchased an airbrush so maybe that’ll be the trick. Who knows … If I ever do figure it out, I’d be happy to share the results. As always, love your website and what you two do 🙂


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  4. Love Love Love the pink cats. These are a must have for me 😍

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  5. Were these hangings made of aluminum? I have a set but they are in rough shape-down to the metal. Not sure how to begin to restore them. Any advice would be appreciated!


    • Yes, if you read the post I walk through the entire restoration.


      • I read your entire post and instructions. Mine look nothing like yours did at the start. They are in worse condition so that is why I asked if they were aluminum so I could find some type of cleaner. After cleaning with Brasso I could see small areas with the original finish (wood grain look) but most is down to the metal. I am now at the point that I can follow your instructions. Thank you for your response.


  6. How much for pink cats?


  7. I really enjoyed reading this blog! My Father, Jack L. Dieckmann, designed not only these beautiful cats but all of Sexton Metalcraft’s art. He was Sexton’s only designer from its beginnings in Raytown, Missouri in the late 1950’s to its closing in the 1990’s. He designed hundreds of aluminum wall plaques like this. He’ll be 86y/o next month and still paints every day! Art has always been his passion. Two weeks ago when I visited him at home in Central Missouri, he gave me the 12 actual sculpting tools that he used to sculpt these cats and every other clay design that was cast! I love seeing his work still being enjoyed!

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