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Shirrell Graves Original Airbrush/Watercolors

IMG_2471If I had to pick another mid century artist that I am taken with, it would have to be Shirrell Graves.  His art is so fantastic!  I love his use of watercolor and airbrush.  I recently discovered two Shirrell Graves pieces on eBay.  These came from a liquidator of an art studio in Cincinnati.  I had never seen a set like these and was soo excited to have won the auctions!


I really like this set of paintings.  The red and yellows pop because the rest of the flower is black and white.

I am not sure why he painted numerous versions of the same flowers.  I assume he was trying to find the layout he liked the best.


Here is the other set of flowers he painted.  On both sets he signed the corner of each smaller picture with “SG”.  On the overall pieces he signed his complete name.


Not sure what the “352” stands for.

The seller of these pieces said the winner of the eBay auction could buy these and cut them up for resale!!!!  What?  Why would you ever do that?  I guess if you were driven by money you would consider this.  I would never dream of splitting these sets up into pieces.  Here is a better look at the black and white flowers…

IMG_2472 IMG_2470 IMG_2469 IMG_2468 IMG_2467

Here is a better look at the pink flowers…

IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2457 IMG_2456 IMG_2455

I might have a vintage frame that will accommodate both pieces.  Mel and I also picked up a couple of other Shirrell Graves pieces recently.


Of course I jumped on this one.  You can never go wrong with a flamingo painted by Shirrell Graves.


We picked this one up at a local antique store.  It is similar to the pink flower ones above.  I repainted the flamingo frame in aqua and this one in pink.

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  1. I have been looking at some of your restorations – you are very talented! I just received my first email subscription today and the Shirrell Graves Original Airbrush Watercolors. I wanted to ask you if you feature other artists in your newsletter? I am a Mixed Media Artist. I am not published, which would make me an amature. I have been looking into Ciclee prints, so I would not have to sell the originals. My work is whimsical and not vintage. I hadn’t planned this on any level, and not a media whore, trying to use your website. I was prompted to ask you about putting my work on your site purely by accident, being excited by seeing the Shirrell works. I am an extremely thoughtful person, if your not at all interested, as this is not your usual way of doing things ; I will understand perfectly and continue to enjoy your site and newsletter. Warm regards, Brett


    • Hi Brett,

      The focus of my blog is on vintage, retro, mid century time frames. I would be open to showcasing a current artist if the subject matter was a throw back to that era.

      Thanks for your continued support! I’m glad you appreciate the content in my site!


  2. Love Shirrell Graves work. Your new hibiscus and camellia paintings are fabulous. I also have a flamingo and am so proud to own one of his works….congrats on the score!


  3. I Have a water color by Sherrill Graves. It is a pictures of Indian Ponies. How do I determine value of such a beautiful painting?


  4. I came across your blog while researching a beautiful piece of art that I acquired and just hung where it went, without ever looking deeper at it, until my husband started asking me questions. We cannot seem to find any answers on this piece, but it is the same type of flowers as the magnolias you have here. He did sign it, and it seems to be the original frame, etc. ANY interest in helping us put?


  5. Melinda Gehring

    Hi, I just acquired what appears to be an original watercolor by Shirrell Graves. It is a single magnolia, but it is different than the ones you have shown here. I removed it from the frame because there was water damage on the mat. The watercolor is not damaged. It is only signed SG. It is beautiful! I’m very excited to have it!

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  6. I have a pair of water colors, my aunt gave me back in the 50’s. They are signed but I have no idea what they may be worth. If I send you a picture of them would you give me some idea of there value? If they are valuable I would insure them.



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