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1950’s Plastic Collapsible/Accordion Blinds


These are in fantastic shape but will needs some slight repair in a couple of areas.

We came across these while Mel and I were walking around looking at the booths at our local Second Sunday Antique Fair.  I knew the minute I saw them what they were….ultra cool and rare blinds from the 50’s.  The seller of the blinds said he got them out of a basement of a home in the bay area.


Each one of these panels is in pretty good shape for their age.  I gave them a quick cleaning but will detail them later.


Mel and I really dig the bands of black and aqua across the bottom of each blind.


Each panel has these little rollers on top that would have been in a track at the top of a window.

IMG_2540I tried looking online to see if I could find others like these and was unable to.  I know Mark and Ann have a divider like these in one of their staged rooms at Midway Antique Mall, but a different color.  I am not even sure if I am calling them the right name.


Our goal of course, is to see if we can use them as window treatments in our home.  If not, I don’t know if I can part with them, but we will see.


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  1. Again, a flash from my past! Not only did my parents have Carlos of Hollywood original water colors, Chinese modern shadow boxes and “blonde” wood mid century modern furniture in their home, they had plastic folding blinds! My parents who loved and lived in the mid-century modern world had the plastic accordion folding “Jalus” blinds you are showing throughout their house!
    Of course later we came to find them ugly, and out of date! Now I wish I had them back again!!
    They could last a lifetime, did not fade and were pretty easy to keep clean. they allowed a bit of light to pass through but gave privacy. Very retro indeed!


  2. Hello! I know this is a very old post, but I have a set of these wonderful blinds, and am looking for the right kind of track to have them installed. Evidently it is not so easy. Am wondering if you had one with the set or could recommend where to look? Thank you!


  3. Again, another blast from the past! My family had those plastic blinds in the bathroom in pink and kitchen in beige.They were way cool and of course take me back 60 years to the late 50s. Thanks for the magic carpet ride!

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