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Telefunken 5094 WK HiFi Stereo


It even has the original makers tag!

As normal, I was searching through Craigslist and came across this Telefunken 5094 WK for $50!  I am a sucker for Telefunken, and this time it was no different.  This unit is in pretty great shape for its age but needs a little reconditioning to put her back to normal.


I love Telefunken and with my stereo repair guy Luis keeps telling me, “if I have to buy a German console, only buy Telefunken”.  I do like the styling of Grundig units, but as Luis advised me, they are the lower end of German stereo units.

IMG_6317Here she is in all her glory.  All I have done to her at this point is oil her to darken the grain and rehydrate the wood. Those are furniture dollies under the legs of the Telefunken.  It makes it easier to move around until I find a more permanent place for it.

IMG_6318This unit has a fold out stereo and a lift up top for the record player.


The cabinet is in remarkable shape for being 50+ years old.


This unit has SW1, SW2, AM, FM and Phono.  It also has the cats eye, which glows green when the channel is fully in tune.


There is a compartment on the bottom that allows you to store records.


Telefunken record player model TW501/8TS


Here is the original paper instruction label for the record player.


This unit also has the dog ear speakers that pop out from the side to give a more complete sound.


It has the original manual for the record player and the radio and they are in great shape!


Way too cool!  Original purchase paperwork.  It looks like it was bought on December 5th 1961!  Was this possibly a Christmas present?


Plenty of connectivity as you can see.


There is some wear on the top of this unit that I might do a quick restoration on to make it as good as new.

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  1. Hepcat, in the words of Mr. Magoo – “you’ve done it AGAIN sir!”…awesome find. I too am a HUGE fan of Telefunken first, then Grundig in a close second.

    My intro to Telefunken was when was very young. My Father was (as am I) a dyed-in-the-wool VW/Porsche guy, some of my earliest memories are of playing with the lighted Telefunken display dial in Dad’s 1960 Porsche 356 Super90 and the Fam’s Coral with Ivory interior, ’58 sunroof Beetle. I was born in ’59 and was driven home in this car!

    You and Mel do such a great job – I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate the sharing of your experience and knowledge. I ALWAYS read your email updates, but until now have not written any responses. Thanks!

    -Christo Stevens (aka *modwagen*)
    ATL, GA


    • Hey Christo,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m a huge VW fan as well. I owned a maroon ’73 Super Beetle, a burnt orange ’72 Super Beetle, a ’68 cream convertible bug, and a ’73 transporter. I love them, but I spent more time under them than in them. So, now I own my ’55 Fairlane that seems to be a little more reliable.

      We really appreciate all the support. It makes keeping up our site that much more enjoyable.

      Keep on funken!


  2. Amazing! Congratulations! I’m wondering why I never find such gems for $50 after scouring Craigslist. What’s your secret?!


  3. Donna Weathers Badger

    Name some items we can keep our eyes out for you. I think I may have a piece or two you will alread y like…’ve bought from me before,,,just check it out…..thanks so much


  4. Really amazing units you’ve found! Thanks for posting and sharing these adventures! We just snagged a great deal on a 2214 Hymnus HiFi is excellent condition – a little polish wouldnt hurt! What oil or finish would you recommend we use on it’s finish? Really would appreciate the rec!


  5. Carla McCaskill

    I have a working Telefunken 5094 WK HiFi Stereo. Wondering if you would know what cables/connectors I would need to be able to hook my iPod to it?


  6. Hi, my uncle just gave me this same Dominante model but unfortunately it lost its legs somewhere along the line. I am searching for replacement legs of similar style but am not sure how long they need to be. Can you help?


  7. Hi there I own a telefunken 5094 Wk console in mint condition, I do not have the original manual with it unfortunately but I would like to sell it and get a ballpark value for it….Is there anyway you could help me out or even read direct me to someone that would know? I’ve looked online and I live in MA it’s kind of hard selling something like this on eBay because of the weight and it’s bulkiness. The turntable works the speakers work the radio works everything works in pristine condition.

    I would truly appreciate any research of response you fill me in on! Thank you for your time, take care


  8. Oh also it’s identical to this consul that you have posted except for the legs they are not on rollers
    Thank you so much



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