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Finally a Complete Set!



We now have a complete set of these balled furniture pieces. We plan to use them in our new place (excuse the boxes and bags in the reflection, we are in the middle of packing for our move). I am not sure but these could be the work of designer Roger Feraud, Mathieu Matégot, George Nelson or Eames. Who knows, there were a lot of folks producing these colored ball pieces in the 50’s & 60’s.


This coat rack is an umbrella stand as well.  It has a removable tray at the bottom that catches water.


The colored balls on this thing are huge and should be very effective in keeping our coats off the ground.


The curved handle is a nice touch.


These pieces look soo good together.  I don’t know what else is out there, but I think this is it.   The pieces need some cleaning up and new paint to make them look like new.

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  1. I have some vintage drink muddlers with those wooden balls in red, yellow, green and blue. I love your collection!



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