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Some Cool Additions

Mel & I have been busy trying to keep our booths full at Midway Antique Mall.  We plan to head out this weekend again to stock up, but I wanted to make sure I show you what we were able to nab!  A lot of this stuff ended up in our booths, so make sure to swing by Midway if you’re in the area.

Here we have an awesome pink RCA Victor radio, Double Feature Hal Sherman cocktail napkins, Lustroware measuring spoons, Telechron kitchen clock and a souvenir piggy bank “Retirement Fund”.


Hal Sherman, born Harold Sicherman, was a comics artist during the Golden Age of Comics.  He was a gag cartoonist and was present at National/DC with ‘The Star Spangled Kid’, created with Jerry Siegel and published in Star Spangled Comics during the 1940s.

sherman_starspangledHal created a character called ‘Wonder Woman’ in 1940, which he wanted to sell shortly before the Marston/Peters character appeared.  Sherman was also present in DC’s Leading Comics and More Fun Comics, as well as Better Publications’ Startling Comics.  He worked on ‘Star Spangled Kid’ until June 1943, when he went into the service.  After World War II (circa 1946), he assisted Bernard Bailey on backgrounds of ‘The Spectre’.  Later, he returned to gag cartooning.  He also did work on the Harvey character ‘Spooky’.



Here is a never used pink pie safe, aqua colored Lux kitchen timer with box, pink and aqua Pyrex dishes and a couple of cute shakers.


This looks like a 70’s flashback!  We have a yellow ball ashtray, flower scale, 3 Viking Glass mushroom paperweights, ceramic  salt shaker and pepper mill made in Japan, mushroom hot plate and a small collection of owls.


Orange Western Electric message center with phone, cork board & phone book holder.  Also, we have a green Westclox wall clock and a Longines Symphonette (clock, radio, light).


50’s white basket weave lamps, Eater Island statue tissue box, chalkware skull, 2 Royal Copley panther planters and a large Japan made tiger statue.  All this stuff will end up in our Tiki room.


Vernon orange pitcher, Gladding McBean aqua pitcher, Striped Danish pitcher, Dansk red pot and yellow sauce pan.


Here we have a lucite MCM ice bucket, silver round Dansk candle holder, Heywood Wakefield colored lighter, black Dansk spider candle holder, Oscar Ertzide tall pewter 3 candle holder, multiple box’s of tapered candles.


Here are a couple of head planters.  I love em’!


I was on my own on this purchase.  Mel didn’t care for it!?  Anyways, this is a large vintage plastic bull head that I want to hang near our vintage BBQ.  This thing is like 3 feet across.


A set of really cool vases that will look killer on a 50’s coffee table.


This is a fantastic pink bullet planter that has screw in legs.  It needs a repaint but it is a keeper!


We got this really cool MCM ceramic server with lower warmer.


Here are a couple of 60’s patio tables.  They need to be refinished and glass for the top.


Here is a really cool hairpin leg table with wood grain Formica.  I need to refinish the lower shelf and legs.  I plan to use this on the patio near the BBQ.


This was the find of the day! This double sided sign of Betty, Archie and Veronica from Archie Comics is soooo awesome!  This thing is almost 4 ft. wide.  I am sure it hung in a comic shop.  This is soo cool…you know we will be keeping it!

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  1. Dang! You two are killing me finding all this stuff!


  2. That ceramic tiger intrigues me! In all my commando thrift shopping, I never come across that many wonderful finds.


  3. You find such amazing stuff! Out here on the East coast, I wouldn’t even find all that good MCM in a whole year!



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