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Second Helping of great finds

bellyWe are soo happy with our picking lately and love all the new items we are adding to our booths at Midway Antique mall.


Here we have some cool mid century items such as a very cool orange/red hanging chandelier, Vernon brown carafe, Go Go Girl drink shaker/mixer, set of 3 red enamel bowls, ceramic elephant piggy bank made in Japan and a Swedish tea set with tray.  All this will end up at Midway!


Here we have some additional Tiki items.  On the left we have an antique carved lion head,  Li’l black Mambo luncheon set, reproduction Hola Honey coasters, Tiki lighter and two new Tiki mugs.


Pink Asian bookends, 50’s salt and pepper shakers, seahorse trays, Handi Holder, Nap Grins cocktail napkins, Bobs Big Boy figure and a Novelty ashtray.


These cocktail napkins are soo unique.  Each napkin has a cool item attached to it such as a rolling eyes, baby’s rattle, small bottle, knife or bubbles.





3 General Electric Clocks and a vintage antenna.


Super atomic light, retro footed lighter, 3 Walter Bosse figures and a chime set with tongs.  I once saw a movie made sometime 1n the 1950’s where the main character upon answering the phone would play a couple of notes before he spoke.  I thought I would give it a try.

Walter Bosse Cat

The great thing about the cast iron Walter Bosse pieces is that typically, they serve a purpose rather than being purely decorative.  Here’s a cool cat cup holder.

Walter Bosse Fish

This is a fish ashtray.

Walter Bosse Seal

This is a seal holding a ball to hold hors d’oeuvre on toothpicks.


Kromex paper, wax and foil holder, Broil king broiler, double sided flip waffle iron and art deco toaster.


This is a unique floor lamp.  It needs to be rewired and a cool shade and its ready to roll.


Find of the day!!  Here we have a 1952 Blatz beer advertisement.  It’s large…about 2 feet tall!  As you can see, it needs to be restored.  I’ve already started on this piece.

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  1. Do you happen to know what those Blatz Beer Guys might be worth? My parents own that exact same one, and it is in great condition!



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