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1952 Blatz Beer Cast Aluminum Advertisement



Mel and I picked this up last weekend while we were our looking for treasures. As you can see this has a lot of wear from what I suspect was exposure to direct sunlight. The sun caused the original paint to become brittle and to flake off the piece.



After hours of sanding and painting here is how it turned out. I tried to stay faithful to the original color palate by matching the paints we purchased to the original colors.


I had planed to also replace the original labels but I decided against it. There is a lot of wear on the labels but I can live with it.


Here you can see the holes in the base where the flag poles are placed.


I just found these on Ebay so I am gonna order them and it will complete this advertisement.


Here are some other cool advertisements release by Blatz!





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  1. Yet another AMAZING job & another wonderful piece saved. You’re a good man Charlie Brown 🙂



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