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Another 1950’s BBQ (Big Boy BBQ)


Mel and I were cruising Craigslist when I decided to search for vintage BBQ’s and SHAZAM!  We came across a 1950’s Big Boy BBQ.  This one is similar to the 1963 Royal Chef I recently restored.


The above picture is from the catalog and shows the particulars including the original price of $79.95.


I emailed the owner and had the pleasure to meet a gentleman by the name of Shaun.  He has a passion for things from this era just like Mel and I.


As you can see above, the compartment above the grill opens up and can be used as a warming tray.


That red knob in the picture above is to adjust the level of the briquettes which in return adjusts the heat.


This is the rotisserie and appears to be in good shape.  I’ll clean it up, oil it and with some luck it will run like new.


This grill had many of the original accessories including these way out tongs.


This BBQ also came with a lot of other accessories that are listed in the Big Boy BBQ book.  Here is what else came with this awesome grill:





Here are the two books that came with this grill:


I plan to keep the grill original and paint it silver with red accents.  This should be a fairly easy resto and I hope to start on it soon.

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  1. I recommend using Rust-oleum High Heat. I used it on my BBQ, and it never looked better.


  2. I just bought a Big Boy BBQ grill yesterday and it is in very good has the fire rake and the split basket . I woukd like to find a buyer fot it. It would not need muvh yo restore it. The power cord is cracked in several places and there is a little rust on it. Any idea where I might find a buyer?


  3. I just bought a Big Boy BBQ grill yesterday. It is in very good shape. It has a little rust and the power cord is cracked in seversl places. It has the fire rake and the split basket. I would like to find a buyer for it. Can you help me? Thanks, Frank



  4. I have this grill. Where do I find a replacement rotisserie for itself


  5. We have one- what is value



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