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Hello all,

As you may have noticed, we haven’t blogged in a bit.  Mel and I have been hard at work setting up our new store inside Midway Antique Mall.  Mark and Ann, the owners of the mall,  offered us the opportunity to set up our own store inside the antique mall!

Hepcat Restorations @ Midway Antique Mall

5130 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841


Here is the entrance to our new store.  Our official sign is still being made.  We should have it ready and hung in a week or two.


In our new store, Mel and I will showcase things from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  As you can see, we have this lovely sectional made by Vladimir Kagan and it is in remarkable shape for being 40+ years old!


You might remember this bar from an earlier restoration I completed.  This was made by the Tropical Sun Company.


Here is a great set that some lucky customer will be the owner of.  The couch is a pinkish frieze fabric.  A pair of amoeba end tables and a boomerang coffee table with hairpin legs complete the living room set.  The dining table is super atomic with pink chairs and pink Formica w/ gray accents.  Also, as you can see, a few of our Carlo of Hollywood watercolors made it into the store…maybe more to come…


Here is the hutch I recently restored where I added an aqua accent to the top cabinet.


Here is the table & chair set I recovered with tiki style fabric with the pair of Plasto Hawaiian chalkware lamps I restored.


We have a real love for all things mid century and this store is packed with many of the items we love.



Love this Van Hoople painting above the hanging GE radio/phono.  The colors are soo cool!  We had on some Beach Boys while Mel and I were fine tuning the room.


After so many days of working on the store, all we wanted to do was collapse on the couch and chill.  Our official launch will be on May 3rd.  We will have treats and refreshments on hand for anyone who shows up from 10am-2pm.  If you have the chance, swing in!


Hepcat Restorations @ Midway Antique Mall

5130 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841

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  1. You store looks great!…of course, I knew it would…however, I did not see even ONE vintage BBQ grille in the shop! Couldn’t possibly be Local Fire Ordinances and Codes, could it? …Naaaaa
    Please check out the *modwagen* Kickstarter project which just launched at 3:20am this morning…

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  2. Teri bunker zita

    STUNNING, absolutely breathtaking!

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  3. Is that a Carlo painting above the pink sofa in your store? I have a similar painting and it is signed “SHARLA”. I was thinking she was one of his proteges.


  4. Your store looks great!
    I’ve enjoyed the restorations in your newsletters, so wishihing you both a prosperous launch!
    Take care,
    Bret H California

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  5. How exciting for you!! I don’t make it out to Midway as often as I like but I will be sure to come check out your shop!

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  6. Congrats on the great looking new space! I’m sure the owners are happy to have you in their location as I’m sure you’ll be a big draw for the store! Hope you have a kick ass opening! Wish I was closer and I’d definitely be there…

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  7. It was soooo nice to (formally) meet you and Mel this morning!!!! The shop look AMAZING and I can’t wait to stop by tomorrow and do some shopping for our home. SUPER excited! Good luck at your grand opening and see you guys then!!!

    Tracy & Scott 🙂


  8. I love your store. I have a question about the value of the V. Hoople? I have it red and yellow.
    Thank you



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