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Awesome Econolite Bunnell Silk Screen Score


Mel and I picked this up recently from a gentleman who is trying to settle his mother’s estate.


This appears to be the original frame!

This piece is a large size and is in great shape for its age.  It has some character to it, but nothing major.


I have always been a fan of Bunnell and we have many of his works.  There is something about his work that always pleases me when I see it.


I have only ever seen Carlo of Hollywood have an image like this.  Maybe Bunnell liked Carlo’s painting so much that he decided to make his own rendition.  I love both of their examples.


Here is the elusive Carlo of Hollywood Jungle Cats fight scene.


This is the makers sticker on the back of the Bunnell.  This piece needs new backing on it, but I can knock that out later.  This piece will be added to our other loved Bunnell’s.

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  1. Hi! I just found your website by googling Burrell. I found two framed prints with a Burrell signature. I can’t tell what kind of print they are. I live in the Sacramento area. Might I bring them by your shop for a look? Kate Riley


  2. michelle k. langford

    Hi! I have an awesome western print in original frame with the Econolite sticker on the front of the glass! Are you interested? Please let me know if you are. Wish I could attach the photo : )
    Thanks so much!
    P.S. The picture is two men and their horses under a large tree watching the cows come in.


  3. I have 2 silkscreen pictures that I think are James Bunnell but I am having difficulty verifying that. If I send you a picture could you help?


  4. I recently found a pair of silk screens created by Bunnell. Unfortunately, you are the only souce I’ve found on restoration or cleaning this type of work. Is there any way you could help me locate a place or any tips on doing it myself, regarding the cleaning of this artwork??


  5. Michael Beabout

    I love Bunnell myself. I have 4 of his pieces. I would be interestedin seeing the ones that you have. Any chance of emailing me some pictures?


  6. Hi, I just stumbled across your site last night and didn’t go to bed until 3 AM. I have an oil painting of that Carlo Of Hollywood or Bunnell jungle cat fight print. It’s by a German artist named M. Delfs and it’s dated 1950. If you’d like to see it, I’ll send you an email with an attachment.

    I also have a cool variation on the presentation of that Cosmo de Salvo print from 1943.

    You two are amazing… I’ve never felt such a mixture of envy and adoration.


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  7. I have 4 Matador silk screens on gold leaf, i have restored them they are in excellent condition with the frames being restored. I;m just wondering what they are worth? I am open to selling them.



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