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60’s Mod Lamp Restoration


Mel and I recently picked this floor lamp up.  It is so futuristic and has such a unique design.  We feel like this is a signature piece, but we were unable to find out anything about it.  We searched the internet for days and came up with nothing.  Regardless of the designer, we love it!


Here is a better look at the condition of this lamp.  This floor lamp had been in storage and got a little beat up over the years.


The first thing to do to get the restoration started is to sand down the entire piece.


Now that I have sanded down the lamp, the surface has tooth which allows the primer and paint to grab the surface better.


After I sprayed the primer, I put it out in the sun to make sure it cured and would have no issues with the paint.


I used a black satin finish spray paint.  I felt that a gloss paint would not have looked right.  After the final coat of paint, I let it sit in the sun for the rest of the day.  I also painted the underside of the shelf as well.


This restoration only took about a day and now its a new lamp.  The finished piece looks so nice and will look great in our new store at Midway Antique Mall.


I hope to eventually find out who the designer is of this lamp.  It is too cool to not have a known designer behind its futuristic styling.  This is a classic design that shows design can still be functional.

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  1. HAH! Another paint job without ME!!! ;- ) Looks fantastic


  2. I don’t know if this is his design, but look up Robert Sonneman.


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