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1959 Motorola Portable Record Player (modle: SH17N)


Mel and I recently picked this unit up and we think its fantastic! This thing is a monster in size, it must weigh almost 50 lbs.!


For the age of this unit it is in remarkable condition.


I really love the warm glow of the imitation reptile skin that covers the whole case. It has a warm caramel glow to it.


The speakers on this player are really large. They can actually be removed from the player and be placed in different parts of the room giving a stereo feel when played. The fabric on the front of the speakers are mint.


I now need to find a record player stand that can handle the size on this monster. The gentleman I purchased it from said it had only been played a couple of dozen times.


As you can see this unit is soo clean for its age. All I had to do to it is dust it.


Here is the original makers tag with all its important information. I plan to keep this in our collection and the best thing is it still works! We will enjoy listening to Dean Martin on this player.


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  1. OhhhhhhhhhhMG! That is one incredible piece. I adore the old “portables”. Mom had one of the first – probably like this, & I had one as a teen. Loved the removable speakers. How’s the sound? Got me droolin here!


  2. Diana Bailleres

    we, my family had one like this. Dad bought it in Delicias Chihuahua in 1960. I enjoyed very much listening Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, It had a very nice sound in stereo. recall many beautiful memories related with music.


  3. I had no idea these came in caramel color. My Dad brought one home in a charcoal color, along with the first two stereo records released by Van Cliburn, Tchaikovsky’s 1st piano concerto and Rachmaninov’s 3rd. Nobody we knew had ever heard a stereo set before. Loved that old machine, wish I still had it.

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