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50’s Black Panther Lamps

IMG_3654Mel and I were at an antique shop in San Jose and we came across these simple but cool green lamp shades with white and black speckles on them. We thought they were cool  and we purchased them. When we went to Alameda for the antique fair we came across a couple of simple black panther lamps. The first thing we thought was these will look fantastic with the shades we picked up.

IMG_3650This is such a good example of how really simple lamps can be dressed up with the right shade and in this instance a bit of artificial greenery.

IMG_3647We purchased this artificial greenery from Jo-Ann Fabric. They carry a really cool selection of artificial cactus.

IMG_3651These lamps look soo good now. The shades really make them seem so much more than just a couple of ceramic panthers. We had an intention of putting these in our store but we fell in love with them and now I don’t think they will make it.


IMG_3652These will end up in our Tiki room eventually. We are now looking for another set that we can put with a couple of lampshades and put them in our store for someone to enjoy.

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