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Thanks To Everyone


Let me first start off by saying that our grand opening today was a tremendous success. This of course was not just because of Mel and I. We had a lot of help from our friends and colleagues. We really appreciate the owners of Midway Mall (Mark & Ann) for all their support and encouragement. Thank you so much to our friend Vic who selflessly came in early to help us set up. We would also like to thank Gary, Penny, Justin, Kevin, Miguel, Veronica, Nick, and I am sure there are other Midway dealers we should be thanking, but we’re too exhausted to remember all the names. It was awesome to see us all pull together today as a team.

Thanks to our vendors:
• Special thanks to Jim and his team at Garment Graphics for working extra hours last night to finish the screen printing of our shirts (which we had a lot of interest in for purchase). We’ll post details later about the shirts and how you can purchase them.
• Jimmy at Signs Now for making our vision of our store sign a reality
• Justin at Peet’s Coffee & Tea for organizing the large refreshments and pastry spread

Most importantly, a HUGE thanks to our customers & blog readers.  We met so many awesome people today, including folks who have been following our blog for years.  We really hope to keep this momentum going.

Shane & Mel


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  1. You ROCKED the joint! HUGE congrats on your great success yesterday and always. You both deserve all the best. Your new venture is quality because you are



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