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Mid Century Chair Complete


Mel and I picked this chair up a while ago with the intention of using it with this really cool desk that had far out Formica below.  We weren’t fans of the fabric so we decided to have it recovered.


This Formica isn’t like anything I have ever seen.  I think it is from the 1940’s.


Anyways, here is the fabric we decided on.


This fabric is super atomic and matches the grey of the desk.


Shazam! Here is how it turned out.  I even added two additional buttons to the backrest.  We are so pleased with it.


This looks fantastic with this desk.


I really like how the fabric has small spots of fuchsia.


Another great addition to our collection.

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  1. I so enjoy seeing how you work your magic! What a great combo.

    I could just kick myself for passing up a mid-century modern chair that just needed a fabric redo – that atomic print is tres adorbs ~


  2. Mollie Lazarus

    Just love you retro update of the chair and the smashing knickknacks that you adorned the desk with! Bravo Hepcat Restorations! A big fan! MollieB



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