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Stellar Electronics To The Rescue Again!


Yup, that’s I Love Lucy playing on the old Predicta.

Let me explain to you what a cool cat Justin Rubsam is from Stellar Electronics in Midway Mall.  Mel and I were busy hosting our Memorial Day weekend sale when Justin came in and hooked up a VCR to our 1957 “barber pole” Philco Predicta.  When Justin noticed it wasn’t performing correctly he took it upon himself to troubleshoot the issues and get it playing correctly.  It is amazing to see Justin work because he is meticulous and so knowledgeable.  He is such an asset to Midway Mall and definitely someone to consider when looking for repair of vintage electronics.

Thanks so much Justin!


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  1. Mollie Lazarus

    Cool! so I guess those old Jetson style TV’s could be up and running with a little help from a friend from Stellar Electronics!:)M


    • Yeah Justin is great. This one is the floor version of the Predicta table top I blogged about earlier. The table top I blogged about earlier is already hooked up to a VCR and we were playing I Love Lucy in our shop today…it was so awesome watching the customers getting caught up in it like a time warp!!!



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