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Two Predictas hot off the bench!

Check out the two Philco Predictas Justin from Stellar Vintage Electronics serviced for us!

Sierra Classic Car Audio

Just finished servicing these two stunning Philco Predictas for Hepcat Restorations. The larger floor model, known colloquially as the “Barber Pole” or “Pedestal” was 98% bone stock and I was impressed that it was working at all with so many original components though with a ‘squeezed’ picture (poor vertical deflection.) After discussing the options, I ended up installing a complete rebuilt chassis. I was stunned to see that this set had the very rare UHF tuner installed, which allowed the set to receive over-the-air channels 14-83. Amazing!

Plus, try to find a Siesta model in this condition. This set needed just minor adjustment to get roaring again.


I’m very happy with how both of these sets came together. 🙂

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