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Vintage Chromcraft Couch, Chair, Ottoman and Tables


Mel and I were contacted by our friend Tracy at m.a.r.k vintage who let us know about an available space age couch, chair and table set. We were so excited to hear this and I shot over early the next day to get them.


The couch, chair and ottoman are in good shape but I plan to recover them. The fiberglass on these pieces is thick and durable.


This is the coffee table, end table and planter that came with the set.


The fiberglass has the usual yellowing from being exposed to sunlight for some time.


Restoring the fiberglass is simple. All I have to do is light sand all the pieces once the upholstery is removed. After I sand everything,  I’ll need to wipe it down really well to remove any particulate. I plan to use the Rust-Olum white appliance paint to restore the fiberglass. I love this paint because it is durable and finishes well.


Surprisingly, there are no real issues with any of the fiberglass except the yellowing.


Our intention was to fix this set up for resale…BUT…you hardly ever see pieces like this, so we’ve decided to keep it……. for now.


We are thinking of doing our office in the Panton Era so these will fit right in.


Here is what the set looks like new.


It appears they also made a dinning set! Beam me up Scotty!

I’ve always thought this was hilarious!

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  1. I just picked up this same sofa! Are you 100% that it’s chrome craft? How did you nail that down?


    • Hi Todd. Awesome. I’m not 100%, but I did as much internet research (online searches, forums) as I could and Chromcraft was the only manufacturer I could find with the same pieces. Have you found another maker who manufactured the same pieces? Let me know!


    • Hi Todd. I’m in the middle of restoring the set and I found a Chromcraft makers mark under the ottoman. I’ll blog about the pieces when I’m done restoring them and include a pic of the label.


  2. I just bought one of these sofas with its original green cloth! Do you know what the name if this set/style was? I’m looking into finding some chairs, but I understand that they will probably be out of my price range for the time being (I managed to snag the sofa for $350 at a yard sale).



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  6. Hi there, amazing restoration! I have a dining set the same as the last photo you posted with the mustard colored velvet. I have never been able to nail down the manufacturer so thank you! Mine is for sale…not sure what it is worth. Kristin


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  9. I found some chairs and think they are the same as the chairs in this post. They have been painted and recovered. It’s a total crime because they are BROWN with 1980’s wagon wheel and weed print velour.

    I plan to paint them white again and use vinyl on them. I just wish I had some idea where they came from. There are not fiberglass – they seem to be plastic.


  10. What grit of paper did you sand your set with? Just picked up a chair and ottoman and would like to give restoring a go. Thanks Steph


  11. I can’t believe I found another one I have the couch and my living room but I’m so jealous you have a whole set! Lovely and off the fabric you reupholstered them and I made pillow out of for another chair in my home! We have the same taste nice to meet you… If you ever come across another chair and ottoman I would be interested!

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  12. I just recently purchased this exact same Chromcraft set and am debating the best way to go about refinishing the fiberglass. Did you end up using the Rust-Oleum white appliance paint, and were you satisfied with the result? That paint states it is specifically for metal, but does not mention use on fiberglass. I originally thought I could take the pieces to an auto body repair or boat repair shop for painting, but everyone I contacted in my area thought I was crazy. Any advice you can provide regarding prepping and painting would be much appreciated. Thanks!


    • I decided against painting it. I ended up just cleaning all the fiberglass with a good cleaner and Me.Clean magic erasers. If you decide to paint what you will have to do is sand all the fiberglass to give the surface tooth. This will help the paint grab the surface. The Rust-Oleum appliance paint will work even though it’s not metal. I have used that stuff on metal, wood and fiberglass. Good luck!


  13. Great furniture and pictures! You may know this but looks like these are designed by Raphael Raffel /Users/darinqualls/Pictures/Raphael Raffel.jpg



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