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Vintage Evergleam 7ft Gold Aluminum Christmas Tree

EvergleamNow that Mel and I have moved into a 50’s style ranch home it only seemed appropriate to put up an aluminum Christmas tree for our first Christmas in this house. Mel and I have a tradition of putting the tree up during Thanksgiving and taking it down after the New Year. We were fortunate that while we were out antiquing recently we ran into a gentleman selling this Evergleam 7ft gold Christmas tree!

IMG_5874Once Mel and I got the tree we were on the hunt for vintage ornaments. We hit many shops in the area snatching up any good vintage ornaments we could find. We then discovered our fellow Midway Antique Mall dealers Retro Robinson had listed this cool box of vintage ornaments on Facebook. They advised us it was at Midway Antique Mall, so we shot right over to get them. This box was new old stock and we were excited to be the first to break open the cellophane!

IMG_5861While at Midway we also found three big bags full of snowball lights from the 50’s! Thanks Paula! My plan is to hang these around the window the tree is in front off. I just need a couple more strands of lights.

IMG_5867Finding a vintage Christmas color wheel was a little more difficult. We had to drive to Salida, California to pick up this gem.

IMG_5862Here it is after not much time decorating.


Initially we wanted a pink 7ft aluminum tree but this was too good to pass up. Our goal is to one day find the pink version of this tree.


We plan to find an Evergleam lighted, rotating, music base. For now it is just nice to sit in a dark room letting the color wheel shine and reflect off the piece of vintage gold.

Gold Aluminum Christmas TreeHere is a video I shot to help show the tree.

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  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!


  2. Hi guys-
    LOVE gold aluminum Xmas tree!! I remember our family having a silver one with hot pink ball globe / ball ornaments : D. Good find !!

    Merry Christmas


  3. Oh wow, that is my dream tree and ornaments right there! And I seriously have daydreamed about trees like that forever. Here in the UK the 50s trees were much more modest, I have come across just one aluminium tree in person in all my years of collecting and it was so much money. I was gutted! I have some nice ornaments, but even they often pale in comparison to their US counterparts. I have to compliment you on your amazing home, I’ve followed for a long time and have always swooned over all your wonderful things,


    • Thank you so much Amy Lou for being a long time follower. It’s always awesome to hear from our readers. We were really lucky with the tree. I wasn’t aware that aluminum trees were not big in Europe in the fifties. It’s interesting to hear about what was in or out of fashion during that time in other parts of the world. It’s also funny because here in the US we swoon over all the vintage electronics, hutches, plant stands etc. that were big in Europe! I guess it’s just human nature to want what’s not easily accessible :).


  4. I love vintage tinsel trees! Enjoy!
    And HAPPY CHRISTMAS GREETINGS my CA friends from your pal in MS!

    xoxo Bettie Jenn


  5. I have 2 silver trees, they were my grandma’s. 1 is 4ft the other 6ft. When I set them up it brings back memories of my favorite times



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