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Vintage Lane Rooster TV Lamp


As usual Mel and I were out hitting our usual places last weekend and came across a really cool rooster Lane TV lamp. The cool thing is that I am starting to have a chicken thing going in our vintage kitchen.


I don’t think I have ever seen a rooster TV lamp as of yet. I just knew it would be a nice compliment to the top of our 1962 pink Frigidaire refrigerator.


I already had two chickens that now flank the rooster TV lamp just like the one below.


I think together they make a nice set. I really love the light the lamp throws on top of the refrigerator. Remember you can use TV lamps anywhere that makes sense, they are not just for TV’s anymore.


These have such great color and look great together.


I love the shadows and light it throws when the light is on.


These look nice with the other items we have in our kitchen.


These are LARGE ceramic roosters fighting. We got these a while back at the Sacramento Second Sunday Antique Faire.


These hang on the side of the vintage General Electric stove. I love the splashes of gold.


These little fellas are on our lazy susan center piece on the dinner table. I think they are Royal Copley.

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  1. The mid-century really had a thing for roosters. I have a deviled egg plate from my mom that has a rooster on it, and she also gave me a little sculpture of a rooster with a bunch of holes in it that you are supposed to put toothpicks with little treats on. And, of course, there’s kitchen knife holders, wooden canisters, all sorts of things with roosters on them that you see in thrift shops all the time.

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  2. That’s real neat!!


  3. I know this is random however I LOVE the round turquoise rug under your fridge – where did you find? Is it vintage?



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