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Sunday’s Best

Mel and I came across an ad on Craigslist that stated a gentelman had some items he wanted to sell. We drove up through the beautiful El Dorado Hills until we arrived at his homestead. We had the pleasure of meeting a man by the name of Tom. As we spoke he began to tell us that his wife had been an antique dealer for years. They had been into antiques since the 70’s. His wife passed away recently due to cancer and Mel and I could tell it was hard for him to go through their collection and sell it. It makes you realize that when you go to these estate sales that these were someones prized possessions. These are the things they cherished. I guess all I am saying is that as a dealer/collector sometimes we forget what this stuff meant to those who owned it before us and those left behind.


These are the items we were fortunate enough to find at Tom’s place.


As I am sure a lot of dealers out there know, stuff is getting harder and harder to find so it makes your day when you stumble across a collection of cool items.


Most of these items will make it into the our shop, while others will be staying with us.


Here are a couple of large Carlo of Hollywood watercolors we purchased. These will end up in our shop.


Mel and I have been looking for one of these for a long time. This is a collapsable record/magazine holder. We wanted to start selling records and this will work great to display them.


Here are a couple of cool looking danish lamps that are heading to the shop.


We have a 1958 Wurlitzer 2200 jukebox and these speakers will be great companions for it.


This John Hauser style hoop chair will make someone very happy. It’s going into the shop!


I wish we had room in our home for this pink dream chair with frieze fabric. This chair is clean and will also be going into the shop.


For me, this was the find of the day. We have a vintage bathroom that is the same color and this vintage dentist’s cabinet will be a great addition.


Here are a pair of breathtaking Art Deco horse head lamps. They need to be cleaned up and I need to find some shades for them. These will be going in the shop.


This was not a part of Tom’s items but we picked this up a few days ago from San Jose. This is the highly sought after Heywood Wakefield record cabinet (model: m395).

Well now comes the hard work of restoring these items as needed, but I wouldn’t have it another way!

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  1. Great stuff! When at any estate sale I always think about who the people might have been and I often wonder what their lives were like. It’s always interesting to get a peek into some else’s life by way of their stuff.

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  2. The Hoop Chair and Lamps are amazing!

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  3. those lamps! that hoop chair!!! eeeee!!!

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  4. those lamps! that hoop chair!! eeeee!!!

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  5. You Folks struck gold, lucky you. Love the Carlo prints……I enjoy all my treasures every time I look at them…….I have a large pair of Carlo prints in my bedroom an just love them…..

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  6. Niiiice finds! Love those beehive lamps! And that hoop chair! In one of my favorite colors, too! I think about how all the stuff we’ve collected in our lifetime may end up being sold to strangers. If I am at an estate sale being hosted by relatives of the deceased, I try to make it a point to express my condolences for their loss.

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  7. You need to send a picture of that chair to Dad. We had some just like that when I was little….same color and everything….



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