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Seeburg ‘1000’ Background Music System


Mel and I picked this up from a guy in Davis California. I have always wanted one of these. I love the styling and size of this unit compared to the size of the Seeburg LU1 we own.


These machines are about the size of a microwave and slightly heavier.


I had a hairpin leg stand that was sitting around so I decided to refinish it and use it as a platform for this Seeburg.


I tried to match the paint the best I could to the Seeburg, I even used gold spray paint webbing to accent the aqua.


The inside is pretty clean for as old as it is.


Though there is a speaker in the door you could also hook up satellite speakers to fill a room/store with the soothing sounds of mood music.


This machine is functional but it could use a tune up. Our friend Justin at Stellar Electronics is going to take a look at it to see if he can convert it to play 45’s. If anyone can do it Justin would be the person.


The unique things about these units is that they play a 16-2/3 speed records, which I think are unique to this machine. The Seeburg Background Music record is a vinyl record of a non-standard size of 9 inches diameter with a 2 inch center hole. These units had 3 types of background music: basic, mood and industrial. The records were distributed quarterly in boxes of seven. The operator was supposed to replace records in the system with new records of the same number (i.e. MM-125). Each box is labeled with the library type, date to place in service, and instructions to the operator. These instructions also specify that each record is to be returned to Seeburg after use. Upon return, the records were destroyed.


When we purchased this unit the previous owner had about 40-50 records. I will keep you informed on what we do with this little gem!


Something cool I discovered while researching this Seeburg unit is that someone created a streaming audio station of just the music from the Seeburg 1000 music library. Click HERE to check it out!



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  1. What a FANTASTIC record player and it looks TERRIFIC on that great stand. I wish I had one in my house…….


  2. We have one and it works great! These were designed to play the top and bottom of each record without flipping. The tone arm plays the top side and then the record lifts up and it plays the bottom, so something for your stereo guy to consider. The music came out of the Capital records library, a lot of muzak-type stuff, but the “Industrial” records are pretty cheery and actually not bad (they were meant to increase productivity in a workshop setting).


  3. Amazing – a “background music system” with its own color-coded mood music – the perfect accent to the bland, safe American suburbs. What a time capsule this is, like so many of your atomic age finds.
    Keep ’em coming.


  4. I seviced a few BMS2″s 45 years ago Now my daughter picked up 2 at a auction first there iis no power cord and I forget where the speakers hook up If you you can help Please e-mail me Thanks Dave


  5. Randy Uehara Mistrot has the engineers manual.



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