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A. Brandt Company Ranch Oak Furniture Club Chairs (model 3086)


I have always been a HUGE fan of Ranch Oak. Unfortunately, it is not very common and when you do find it, it is usually expensive. Mel and I found this set at a recent 2nd Sunday Sacramento Antique Faire.


What I dig about Ranch oak is the hand scrapped look of the wood. They also rubbed white furniture wax on the exposed wood surfaces that builds up and gets into all the nooks and crannies. Also, when it was popular to have tapered leg furniture, Ranch Oak reversed the taper to being fat at the bottom and thin at the top.


This set is in overall great condition, but it needs new foam. If this set was redone it would be mind blowing!


These chairs are so comfortable.


The mark of quality.


I might check with my upholsterer to see if he can just replace the foam on the backrest and the lower cushion without replacing the fabric. Keep your fingers crossed!



Our story started 80 plus years ago with one man’s hobby. Our founder, Paul Brandt, is well-known for Ranch Oak furniture, introduced in the late 1930s. Styles for every room, known for quality and durability were manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas through the 1980s.Ranch Oak furniture is now known as “vintage” ranch furniture in collector markets. But when Paul wasn’t guiding his huge furniture manufacturing company, he was sometimes smoking turkeys in his backyard smokehouse, a hobby that made him popular with his friends, neighbors, and relatives for the delicious results!


The Brandt company Ranch Oak furniture is highly collectable and hard to find. It was made from the 1930’s to the 1970’s era, in Fort Worth, Texas. The carved pieces, made in the 1930’s and 40’s era are the most highly collectable. The light oak color is the most desirable, and most western looking. Ranch oak is the most sophisticated way to decorate western. It is nearly indestructible!


The following images are from the numerous sales brochures they released over the years. There is some really great vintage imagery!


I love these vintage illustrated catalogs.




I could imagine just hanging out in this room listening to Marty Robbins singing “El Paso“.


If that got your Ranch Oak juices flowing, here are some actual pieces!





Look at the rough cut of the legs on this end table, I love it!



I could imagine watching Bonanza while sitting on this couch, couldn’t you?


This set is on eBay right now (couch, love seat, end tables)!!!

If I only had room!


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  1. I have never run across that type of furniture. Good to know. I did pass up a mid Century modern chair at a thrift shop. I am still kicking myself for not grabbing that one.


  2. thanks for that info – especially if I ever come across it…

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  3. Oh man! I have run across similar pieces at two different shops this past year…never knew the name of this style but knew that I liked them. Just didn’t have room for them. Fell in love with a table and chair set that was only $125…now I am kicking myself! Thanks for sharing – now I will know so the NEXT time I run across these… !!!


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  6. sissie hawthorne

    I have lots of ranch oak furniture that I am needing to sell…I need information on how much to sell it for.


  7. I have a house full of Ranch Oak furniture to sell! Fantastic condition. Upholstered items, living room tables, lamps (with original shades!) , dining room, bedroom sets and other items. Contact me if you’re interested in more info or if you’re looking for a particular peice, I might have it!


  8. Carole Holomuzki

    Hi, I’m interested in the Ranch Oak dining set. I’d appreciate any details you could give me!


  9. I have a full size bed, light oak finish with a cactus carved head and footboard, wood rails, 2 chests, and a corner desk with a vanity stool. They were purchased in Fort Worth in 1964.
    All are in excellent condition. If interested, email me at and we can discuss.


  10. I do have 2 ranch oak chairs… Light tan in great condition.


  11. kristin soiney

    I have 2 dressers and a twin head a foot board . Looking to sell cheap !


  12. I have the sofa (you mentioned was on ebay) and a recliner that I’m trying to get an appraisal on so that I can sell it. I live in Illinois so if you know of anyone in Illinois or online that might be able to give me an idea of its value, it would be greatly appreciated.


  13. I have a large section of vintage authentic A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture for sale in our family estate. Including: dining room table for 8 with chairs, rare matching dining room one pice china cabinet below with buffet a top, expanding buffet cart, 4 dressers, entertainment center, trundle bed, 5 headboards, desk, magazine rack, 2 lamps, lamp stand, rectangle coffee table with tile, Square coffee table, unique round table that turns into rectangle table, 4 patted sofa style chairs, 1 rocking chair, 3 patted love seats and sectional couches for sale.


  14. We have 29 pieces of Ranch Oak furniture in excellent condition. Two dressers with mirrors, king-size headboard, sleeper sofa, two pole lamps, dining table with eight chairs. We want to sell all the pieces together in Texas, west of Ft. Worth. If you are interested I’ll send pictures.


  15. I have a pair of A Brandt club chairs that need new leather. These have an imprinted leather on them & well worn. Should I recover with new or is there a place to get fabric from A Brandt?


  16. I love seeing these pieces. Paul Brandt was my grandfather 🙂



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