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Super Atomic Aluminium Recliners


We recently attended a local antique fair and it was pretty uneventful, except for these two beauties.


The fabric is so atomic and right down our alley.


We purchased them from one of the usual sellers we buy from. He said he purchased them from a little old man who used them for a short time when purchased, and then placed them in the rafters until now.


Overall they are in fantastic condition considering their age. The metal frames could use some cleaning up.


The cushions need a good scrubbing to freshen them up! We are undecided if we plan to keep them. If we don’t, make sure to check out our shop at Midway Antique Mall.


They make me want to lay down and sip on some mojitos.


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  1. Those are beautiful – what a find!

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  2. Stunning – IF you decide not to keep let me know and we will drive up! (:

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  3. Ahhhhh! I love them! They would be perfect here in Florida. Hint hint….. 🙂

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  4. My parents had these, grew-up with them. Got them early ’60’s. The vinyl is a bit sticky in the heat so mom made aqua terry covers for them. So comfy with the springs in the cushions.


  5. We acquired a very similar recliner. It is missing the cushions, but otherwise in great condition. We are in the NY/NJ area and would love to give away for free to Hepcat Restorations or anyone else interested!



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