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Vintage Wimpy and Olive Oyl Fiberglass Toppers


Mel and I attended the Alameda Point Antiques Faire a couple of weeks ago. There was a large turn out, and we found a really cool large Wimpy fiberglass figure. When we purchased the Wimpy character we started discussing it with the seller and he mentioned that he had the Olive Oyl figure at his shop as well! The next day, we shot over to his shop and picked up Olive Oyl.


The gentleman we purchased these from was unsure if they went on top of slot

machines, or maybe toppers for an amusement park ride.


As you can see, they will need to be restored. I can’t wait.

I love restoring freakish things like this.


We had only planned to get Wimpy because we were going to hang

him in our kitchen, but we couldn’t pass up Olive Oyl.


I plan to start on the restoration in the week or so.



Since we found these two, we figure there should at least be Popeye and Bluto somewhere. After a long search online I found this piece at Mardi Gras World in Louisiana. I called the next day and they said it had been sold…..DANG! Oh well, the hunt is half the fun.


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  1. Donna Treacle

    Isn’t it more authentic and desirable in its original condition? Or has it already been repainted by someone else?


  2. Oh how I love Olive. She is one of my all-time favorites. What a great find!


  3. Errr…Bluto was his name…Pluto was a dog…..arf…


  4. Wimpy’s was a hamburger fast food place very popular in the 40’s. I can taste one now.

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  5. I own a 3 ft statue of popeye with his pipe. Also a popeye and Bluto character looking into a telescope at each other with a glass table top. I am trying to find its value and a buyer



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