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1970’s Original Lee West Alpha Chamber “Egg Chair” made for Krypton Furniture


As many of our fellow dealers/collectors know, cool stuff is getting harder & harder to find. This is largely due to competition and the difficulty to find items in good condition. I was doing what I usually do, cruising Craigslist when I came across something that made me jump out of my seat. It was a Lee West Alpha Chamber chair!


We got this chair from another dealer we know named Sam. He is a real nice guy and always seems to find great stuff. As with all items we acquire, we like to know the back story on each piece. Sam told me this was purchased and shipped to Hawaii where it was gently used for a short time and placed in storage when brought back to the mainland. It sat in storage for 20 something years!


This unit is in amazing condition. All the fiberglass is in fantastic condition, and the upholstery is also in great original condition. Of course, this isn’t just a cool chair but also a sound capsule.


On both sides of the inside of the chair there are speakers under the fabric. When I was purchasing it from Sam we tested it and the sound was surprisingly good. I could just imagine putting on some Doors and staring out at some black light posters with the glow of lava lamps washing over you.


Under the chair there are connections to power the speakers. There are two fuses to prevent a surge from frying the wires. I have the original wire harness that I have to attach new ends to.


I remember seeing this chair in the movie Sleepless in Seattle. I remember a scene where Tom Hanks’ son was up in his room with a friend sitting in the chair and chilling out.


I know this will just add to the space age feel of the room. I can’t wait to see the Chromcraft set with this chair!



I guess if your stereo laid an egg this is what it would look like!


It still has the original makers label under the front lip!


This is the materials tag still attached.


Another great thing is this chair has it’s original instructions on how to hook it up.


They have seen better days but I am happy to have them. Maybe these will help someone figure out how to hook the chair up.


I can’t wait to get this hooked up and rock out!

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  1. Pretty cool! I used to have one of these a long time ago, I let my cousin use it and never saw it again. I would love to get another one. It’s great how you can turn on the music and shut out other sound in the room.

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  2. I have that same identical chair, original owner also. Will sell if you know a buyer?


  3. I have one for sale on craigslist Denver co. in a few days, sounds nice.

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  4. Hi! Love the chair and all the background info. Thanks for sharing. Have you seen the loveseat model Alpha Chair? They’re pretty rare but I think they’d be awesome for an in-home theater.


  5. Hi all the way from NZ.
    I have such fond memories of sitting in one of theses with my dad listening to
    Neil diamond cranked
    Up loud!!!
    My Dad lent it to some teenage girls down the road & we never saw it again.
    I would love to buy one but the ones in NZ that I find are takeoffs of it.
    Ours was bright yellow with black full leather interior.
    If you know of anyone who is selling one I would be very interested.
    I hope you’re building some great memories in it too!
    Ronnie 🌸

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  6. i have a dubble size Egg chair. excellent condition. 626-483-9525. L.A. Calif


  7. Travis Henningsen

    I just got two of these that need a full restore. I think the cushion and upholstery is pretty straight forward. Does anyone have recommendations on restoration of the white fiberglass? Some yellowing, small cracks (nothing compromised). If anyone could point me in the right direction, don’t know if this is a full repaint or clean and polish. Small chip in the footstool, don’t know if bondo or other?



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