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Shepherd Ball-B-Q, Pride of Canada! (Model 300)

Shephard Ball-B-Q

I have seen this style BBQ before, but never in person. We were at the Alameda Antiques Faire and on the way out we saw this BBQ gleaming in the mid day sun. The classic design embodied modernism, and demonstrated how design was delivering new kinds of lifestyles into the Canadian experience. One of the first barbeques with an integrated cover, the Ball-B-Q combines a domed top which rolls over a double stack of racks and a rounded pan joined to a single curved pedestal. The shape of the ball somewhat resembles the castors that are the main product of its manufacturer, Shepard Products. The spun aluminum top emphasizes its use and contrasts with the intense red of the pedestal. A black wood sphere acts as a handle and allows easy and safe opening of the hood. The Ball-B-Q was the recipient of both Design Canada and Association of Professional Industrial Designers Ontario awards.”


Mel and I shot over to investigate it. We knew it was too cool to leave behind, so we nabbed it!


This is in overall good condition, but it needs a little cleaning up. It appears to have never been used.


I am trying to locate the original paperwork for this BBQ. When I purchase something, I like to make sure I make it as complete as posssible.


This grill has such a thoughtful design. I have to really hand it to the designer.



Look at all the variations! So many options!


Here is the patent paperwork submitted in 1968. Such a cool design!


We found this matching tray on eBay and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. This will make a nice set!

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  1. I found one of these recently, and interestingly the stem has a definite tilt from the vertical, maybe for presentation purposes, as the seller had suggested. Therefore it has a “back” and a “front” side. I’d be interested in hearing if yours has the same characteristic? The manufacturer’s literature also seems shows a tilt to the tray table, but with no explanation why.


  2. Sidney Allinson.

    Coming across this mention of the Bal-b-que is tremendously nostalgic for me. I created the first advertising campaign for the product when it first was introduced by Shepherd Casters, in Toronto, Ontario. At the time, I was the Creative Director of the Special Accounts Group, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Toronto, Canada.

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  3. David T. Marko

    My father bought this model back in the day. It served us well for years. Today I am restoring it for further use and display. The bright orange paint is classic; it actually matched the trim on our house. Thanks for posting!

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