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Witco Globe and Girl Wall Art


One of our readers reached out to me recently. She said she had a large Witco Globe piece that she was interested in selling. She said it had been in her family for years and now she was ready to let it move on. A couple of our friends had the same globe piece and we had always admired it, so we jumped at the chance to get one of our own.


The size of this piece is impressive. The design is so cool and will look great on our walls.


We have always been a fan of the Witco style. I love that defined grain and the chunky pieces.


Then, while we were out at our shop we noticed one of the other dealers had this piece and we loved it.


It is such an interesting piece. I wonder if there is a matching boy or if she was a stand alone.


These will be nice additions to our collection.

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  1. I love seeing all of your finds back in the UK, but the globe is a bit geographically challenged, as most of ‘the world’ has dropped off the edges! No UK, and not much of Europe and Asia! A nice piece though.


  2. Great wall decor!!!! I recently sold a similar piece very much like the girl wall art.pkease keepposting thise wonderful finds……


  3. Cool pieces. My problem is, I’m out of wall space!


  4. There IS a matching boy. We have both, though they’re much more faded than yours. Love them!

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