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Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments


Mel was cruising Facebook and she came across a post from our friend Ed. He had scored a huge collection of vintage and NOS Christmas ornaments and blow molds. These ornaments are huge, some are three feet tall! These ornaments were used to decorate stores and city streets. Ed said these were from a family that had a business where they used these to adorn different locations.


These are farm fresh. I need to clean them up, replace bad bulbs and make sure the cords are all good.


When these are lit they are so cool looking!


This piece is from the 50’s. It appears to be in good condition and just needs to be cleaned. The ornaments range from the 50’s to the 70’s. Ed has lots of other ornaments!


These will cast such great light in the backyard and will really be a point of conversation.


The reflective plastic gold inserts will need a freshen up with metallic gold spray paint.


Ed had only two of these so we jumped on them!


There are quite a few of these still available.


These are medium sized and could be used for more than just Christmas decorating, maybe a tiki room???


This lantern is NOS. We plan to try and hang it out front.


These are the smaller ornaments. We purchased two green and two yellow.


These ornaments are a rare finds. I don’t know if we will ever come across another opportunity to buy such cool vintage ornaments. We plan to hang some of these around our house, and some may end up in our shop. If you are interested in trying to get some of these vintage ornaments contact Ed at (916) 838-7880. Tell him Shane and Mel referred you. Here are some images from the original ornament catalog.


We got two of these!



Cool, check out the cab of that vintage Chevy truck.

IMG_9170Ed had one of these in white.

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  1. You guys get the best stuff. Can I be your housegirl (updated version of a ’50s houseboy)? I just want to be around all of it!

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  2. I have several Turner prints.The one I can’t find anything about is of 2 Cardinals on a
    branch with flowers.It’s signed Turner at the bottom on a flower? Can you give me any info
    or value? TP


  3. Julio Russinyol

    Great find! Enjoy them and Merry Christmas yo all…….Seasons Greetings from Hialeah FL.

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  4. Love all of these! We were lucky to have picked up a few of these at the original warehouse sale. I bought that same Noel sign and several Santa’s plus a ton of other stuff. They really made our house look fabulous!

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  5. Great stuff. If you could spare just one municipal Christmas decoration – I’m your guy. I’d like to start collecting. Please let me know!


    • Wish I could but I’m actually looking for more. These are really hard to find. The only reason why I have them is because a guy I know bought out a guy who used to decorate the town he lived in.


  6. The large Noel sign with the multi-colored top… name your price. I’m reaching out for a fellow Christmas collector and it holds a special place in his heart. Would you consider?



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