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1920’s Frantz Industries Aero Art Vanity


Today was another Second Sunday Sacramento Antique Faire. We were up early and started our quest for something unique. As we searched, we came across this adorable art deco vanity in a booth belonging to a gentleman named Hap. This isn’t usually the era that we focus on, but it’s too cool not to blog about.


Hap informed us that this was his mother Lila’s vanity. She used it in her first beauty salon in Wisconsin named “Lila’s Salon”. The salon was started in the 1920’s and it moved from Wisconsin, then to Oakland, California and finally settled in Willows, California.


Considering the age of the set, I am surprised that there isn’t  more rust on the chrome. It shows that Lila lovingly took care of this set.


This vanity set is complete right down to the foot stool.


The vanity desk has one large drawer and on the right side it has a sterilizer cubby with the sterilizer decal.


The mirror appears to be original and is heavy. Imagine the countless ladies who looked into this mirror after getting their hair styled. A lot of life happened in front of this mirror.

IMG_8699I plan to clean this set up and put it in our booth at Midway Antique Mall. I hope someone will enjoy it and cares for it as well as Hap’s mother did.

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  1. Knowing the backstory to such a wonderful, unusual piece makes it even more special.

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  2. What an AMAZING find. This should be in a movie…..Congratulations! !!

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  3. Hi, Does the vanity have the Aero-Art label on it?



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